Hali’imaile General Store celebrates 30 years in business on Maui

For Release October 18th, 2017

Hali’imaile General Store

Hali’imaile General Store celebrates 30 years in business on Maui

Chef Owner Beverly Gannon plans a year long celebration to culminate October 2018

Makawao, Maui, Hawaii— Hali’imaile General Store This October, Hali’imaile General Store will begin a year of celebration to mark their 30th year in business on Maui.

“The success of Hali’imaile General Store for so many years is attributed to giving the customer what they want. Over the years “The Store” has developed into a beautiful comfortable restaurant. Our guests wanted high quality, uncomplicated delicious food. We were more than happy to deliver!” said Beverly Gannon, Chef and Owner of Hali’imaile General Store.

Humble Beginnings

Although Bev and Joe selected the location of HGS because of it’s proximity to their home, their original concept was a take away deli and a kitchen to serve their growing catering company. “On our opening night, October 14, 1988, 150 people came to the door requesting a seat! They wanted a restaurant! I had never worked in a restaurant in my life! I had only one bartender and two cooks – no servers or dishwashers. We all looked at each other and knew the next day things had to change. On October 15, 1988, Hali’imaile General Store became a restaurant.” Gannon remarks. From that humble start, Hali’imaile General Store now seats 150 guests, with plans to expand an outdoor space for private events.

A Year of Celebration

In order to commemorate this fantastic 30th year in business, Hali’imaile General Store is planning a year of festivities. On the 30th of each month beginning on October 30th, HGS will host an event, promotion, or vintage recipe to celebrate the occasion and thank the community for their support. Please visit the HGS website at www.hgsmaui.com for an updated calendar of events.

About Hali’imaile General Store

Hali‘imaile General Store is Chef Bev Gannon’s original and most acclaimed restaurant featuring eclectic American food with Asian overtones – the essence of modern Hawaii food. Founded in 1988, “The Store” has been a Maui destination for both visitors and locals that appreciate the fresh local ingredients in our island inspired menus.


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