Haiku Mill

Location:  Haiku

Haiku Mill is truly one of Hawaii’s hidden treasures. As Maui’s first sugar mill this location’s historic beauty show’s within every detail within the property. Iron Stair cases, Stone walls, water features & climbing ivy is just the beginning in describing the glorious venue that is the Haiku Mill.

The pineapple boom in the islands in the early part of the last century is mainly responsible for the existence of this historic building.  In the 1920’s, camp houses for plantation workers were needed to house the hard working immigrants that raised the crops that were the engine of island commerce.  Construction of the camp store followed under the direction of Maui Agricultural Company’s Pineapple Department and in 1925 our legacy was born.  The plantation store was not just for groceries.  The original Hali‘imaile Store was a butcher shop, fish market, post office, and had departments for clothing and household appliances.  This building was the one stop shop for all necessities as well as the place to catch up on news and a depot for local gossip…a tradition we proudly encourage in the present day!  The store continued operating over the decades in various formats until 1988 when all of that changed.